Angling tips

Where is the best place to fish with lugworms?The beach of Måle Northern of Kerteminde is probably the best beach for fishing with lugworms. Much sand bottom and deep water inshore. Especially the months of March, April and May when the flounders seek to the shore can give very fine catches. You can also drive right to the beach.

The shore at Bøgebjerg Estate is definitely worth a visit. However, it is a little bit far to walk.

The harbour of Kerteminde can also give fine catches. When the current goes in, then you fish in the harbour, and when the current goes out, then you fish at the piers.

The Pier of Nyborg is also a good place to fish, both the Southern/Northern pier.

If you want to fish from a boat, the water around the island of Romsø is very good. Do not forget to bring herrings and sand eels, because there are good chances to fish turbots and brills. In July and August you can often meet grater weevers, specially in the area between Funen and Romsø.