The history

My name is Frank and I am 59 years old. The year 2020 is my 22th season with the sales of lugworms from the slot machine at Kerteminde harbour. The slot machine is a hobby for me. I work at nights. That is the reason why it can be a little bit difficult to reach me between 11:00 to 15:00 as I am asleep.

I myself is a very eager angler, especially shore and sea fishing interest me, and through the fishing I have often heard that it is difficult to get hold of lugworms. That gave me the idea of having a lugworm slot machine to make it easier for you who will rather fish than dig lugworms. You are absolutely right. The lugworms are difficult to get. It is hard work. You have to consider the tide and to know the right places. In all there are many things to consider.

On the whole I dig all the lugworms myself, and the lugworms are kept in a big salt water vessel. In this way I always have fresh lugworms in the machine which is filled up every day.

salt water vessel